“The Cooking Pig” Garden Pot, Planter or Outdoor Cooker


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This little piggy give “pig roast” a whole new meaning. Now you can be the life of the party or show up to a friends home with your bbq grill. Hot dogs, hamburgers or a personal steak… you can be ready as fast as you can set this cooker on the table.

If cooking sounds like too much work, you can plant your finest plants and trees in this beautiful Piggly Wiggly Garden pot.

Perfect to place by the entrance way, in your home or on the patio to greet you and friends and make a big impression. Durable & easy to place around your home, garden or patio.

Perfect Patio Size! Authentic Imported Mexican Art. This style comes in many larger & smaller sizes.

The size shown is 25″ Long, by 13″ wide. Features a 10 x 13 cooking grill and comes with a lower charcoal grill.

You will have many other styles, sizes and colors to choose from when you visit our large indoor & outdoor gift store located in New Braunfels, Texas

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